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Snippets from Internet Coverage of Foundations for the Common Good

And Speaking Invitations

(All mentions contained a hot link to www.caringtochange.org)


Foundation Center (4/26) http://pndblog.typepad.com/pndblog/2010/04/foundations-and-the-common-good The PhilanTopic blog has very positive and detailed coverage of the essay. (The Foundation Center has made the report available through its PubHub service.)


Everything Fundraising http://everythingfundraising.org/index.php?limitstart=45 and on Fundraising: All Top http://fundraising.alltop.com/ I just finished reading a new report on bettering philanthropy by Mark Rosenman … a veteran researcher and thought leader in the nonprofit and philanthropy sector, Mark’s expertise is in critique and improvement…


Foundation Center (5/14) 5 Questions for Mark Rosenman in PhilanTopic and Philanthropy News Digest. http://pndblog.typepad.com/pndblog/2010/05/5qs-for-mark-rosenman


Humanitarian News http://www.humanitariannews.org/20100514/5-questions-formark-rosenman-director-caring-change

Texas association of Nonprofit Organizations: http://www.tano.org/en/art/1574/

Alltop: http://nonprofit.alltop.com/

The Nonprofit Blog: http://www.nonprofitblogs.info/post/599334893/5-questions-for-mark-rosenman-director-caring-to

Topicfire http://topicfire.com/5-Questions-for-Mark-Rosenman-Director-Caring-to-Change-14136490 (rated #1 in early June)

Foundation Center PubHub: http://foundationcenter.org/gainknowledge/pubhub/pubhub_item.jhtml;jsessionid=JI4HSOY3KLQYHLAQBQ4CGW15AAAACI2F?id=fdc105900012


The Chronicle of Philanthropy PODCAST http://philanthropy.com/article/Pushing-Foundations-Toward-the/64893/?sid=&utm_source=&utm_medium=en (featured in “Philanthropy Today” on 4/2/10)

Pushing Foundations Toward the Common Good: By Peter Panepento

Foundations have long attempted to promote change through their grant-making efforts.

But focusing on specific issues, rather than the common good, often undermines their effectiveness, says Mark Rosenman, director of Caring to Change, a project in Washington that seeks to improve how grant making serves the public. … In an interview, he discusses this notion, which is outlined in the new report Foundations for the Common Good. You can also read an opinion article Mr. Rosenman wrote for The Chronicle as a preview of the report.


Ventureneer http://www.ventureneer.com/

philanthropy.com: Pushing Foundations Toward the Common Good


Alliance Magazine http://www.caringtochange.org/index.php/commentary-on-the-report/alliance-magazine-uk published an interview with Barry Knight about Caring to Change in the next issue (to be distributed at the European Council of Foundations general assembly). This report goes deeper than most and plunges into meanings and purposes. This territory has traditionally been placed in the ‘too difficult’ category, so most reports stick at technocratic or managerial advice.

Philanthropy Journal http://www.philanthropyjournal.org/news/funders-encouraged-boost-%E2%80%98common-good%E2%80%99

Foundations can better advance their missions and be more appreciated as institutions if they work to advance the "common good" and give greater attention in their grantmaking to diversity, equal opportunity and "the artificial barriers that often stop us from making fully valuable connections," a new report says.

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations -- GEONews: >Foundations for the Common Good: Caring to Change, in collaboration with GEO Member Aspen Institute, presents a new report entitled Foundations for the Common Good.  Author Mark Rosenman, director of Caring to Change, explains that the essay "explores the notion of the Common Good and its value base, argues that it is by serving the Common Good that foundations can be truly role-driven in realizing philanthropy's full potential, and suggests three broad strategies, with specific actions under each, that flow from the project's findings." Download or purchase the study here.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation http://www.facebook.com/posted.php?id=115137755498&share_id=109446029089871&comments=1

A recent survey shows foundations could be more effective in fulfilling their missions if they try to advance the common good by grounding their grantmaking in fundamental values. The results are shared by Caring to Change, a project of the Aspen Institute’s Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation, which is partially funded by Mott.

Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog (by Perla Ni, its founding publisher) http://www.ssireview.org/opinion/entry/fairness_justice_and_the_social_sector/

Rosenman’s approach of framing the issue as one of fairness and broad benefit is a welcome breath of fresh air to the polarized diversity debate. It is a values-based framework that is well supported by American history and philanthropy.  And it has real-world practical applications throughout the sector.

PhilanthropyUK http://www.philanthropyuk.org/NewsandEvents/Latestnews/Grant-makersshouldacttopromotethecommongoodsaysnewreport

Grant-makers should act to promote the ‘common good’, says new report

Change Matters http://changematters.blogspot.com/

The report rings true. The particular rules and traditions, which I would call peculiarities or even superpowers, of foundation grantmaking make it possible to extraordinary things. But these same particulars suggest leadership responsibilities. This report has sparked some reflection for me, and over the next week, I’ll post a few more thoughts and critiques


All the Top News on Fundraising http://www.freestylelabs.com/blogreader.php?topic=fundraising

Everything Fundraising http://www.everythingfundraising.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2692:caring-enough-to-change-philanthropy&catid=15:fundraising-news&Itemid=49

UK Fundraising http://www.fundraising.co.uk/aggregator/sources/1

Ed Cox http://www.edcox.net/fundraising/


Northern California Grantmakers http://www.ncglists.org/news/?tag=caring-to-change

Read the Foundations for the Common Good report that explores “how grantmaking might better serve a foundation’s mission while holding even broader benefit.


Texas Nonprofits http://www.texasnonprofits.org/Article/Print.asp?ArticleID=11777

Colorado Association of Funders http://www.coloradofunders.org/Docs/UploadedFiles/Newsletter-2010-April.htm

Arizona Grantmakers Forum http://www.arizonagrantmakersforum.org/member-section/website_resources.aspx

Philanthropy for Social Justice & Peace http://www.p-sj.org/blog

Caring to Change Report - Foundations for the Common Good: After offering information on the background of the project, Foundations for the Common Good explores the notion of the Common Good and its value base....

Council on Foundations – The report is part of the Resource CD prepared by the Council for its 2010 annual conference. Materials from the Council’s social justice track are also available at: https://iisc.box.net/shared/d9jy03jgkp



Blogger Rosetta Thurman (and others, including Linda Nguyen and Ryan Turner) have Tweeted about the project and linked to the report. Rosetta called the work “awesome.”

The Blog Briefly Known as "Democratizing Philanthropy? http://cardonac.net/ Too many things, too many things April 27th, 2010 Comments positively on report.

Skakels op: Impact Giving (facebook): http://af-za.facebook.com/posted.php?id=94796554661&share_id=337933764009&comments=1


A World in Need: Why Foundations for the Common Good http://worthwhilecauses.posterous.com/why-foundations-for-the-common-good

Nonprofit Law Blog: http://www.nonprofitlawblog.com/home/2010/07/foundations-for-the-common-good?asset_id=6a00d834558ca469e20133f204a055970b