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Caring to Change (C2C) drew on the wisdom of younger people, people of color, and others in nonprofits and philanthropy not normally involved in setting strategy, as well as on established leaders. Our intention was to uncover their critiques of grantmaking and their ideas about how foundations can be more effective at creating a better world. We conducted over 100 formal interviews following formative conversations with over 50 people working in foundations and groups that seek foundation support.

Commentaries and ideas from these conversations and interviews were used to prepare a Working Paper presenting critiques and improved grantmaking strategies, with various drafts reviewed by interviewees, the Steering Panel, and external commentators drawn from the sector. Changes in the Paper were made as appropriate and a revised draft distributed to participants.

The Paper was revised again following an extended discussion of it at a retreat of foundation leaders, program officers, and other nonprofit leaders, as well as being revisited by the Steering Panel and reviewed by the Advisory Group. As subsequently modified, it is now available as Foundations for the Common Good.


Material on this site is based on the report Foundations for the Common Good. You are invited to download a complimentary copy or purchase the printed report.

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