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Caring to Change’s vision for promoting the Common Good and speaks to its three strategy themes, as well as specific suggestions for the pursuit of each one. These are elaborated in the full report, Foundations for the Common Good.

  • Philanthropy’s Role - Advancing the Common Good: Foundation leaders can improve their work by explicitly rooting it in basic values that are widely shared in our society, by understanding how their specific missions relate to the broader Common Good, by working explicitly to serve such broader purposes, and by making use of a wide variety of strategies;

  • Promoting Diversity and Vigorous Equal Opportunity/Outcomes: To be fully effective in serving its special mission and creating a better world, each foundation should direct attention to diversity and equal opportunity/outcomes, and work to counter the tendency for some groups to be excluded from the mainstream of society; and

  • Connecting Analyses, Programs, Organizations and People: To reach their full potential, foundations should employ broad analyses of the context in which they operate and the problems they address, bring people and organizations together in service to the Common Good, and look for synergies between and among program and issue areas.


Material on this site is based on the report Foundations for the Common Good. You are invited to download a complimentary copy or purchase the printed report.

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